About us

Netelsat is one of the largest carriers of international voice traffic in the world and a global leader in VoIP. In October 2010, Netelsat became a wholesale carrier partner of worlds largest telecom companies like Tata Communications, Tellza Communications, Net2phone, creating a new Netelsat with unsurpassed strength in the fastest-growing segments of global telecommunications—VoIP and mobile with access to tremendous resources.

In addition to global voice termination, Netelsat provides innovative mobile data services in its Mobile Matrix portfolio and prepaid calling services, including calling cards sold through distributors and its online offering.

Netelsat network system includes our highly efficient global Voice over IP infrastructure and extensive TDM.

Innovating for Quality

Through its patent-pending Assured Quality Routing (AQR) and patented PathEngine quality management technologies, Netelsat is able to select the best available route for every call.

Netelsat, located in US, Malaysia and Hong Kong, combine state-of-the-art network management technology with around-the-clock dedicated technicians to ensure the highest quality of service to customers worldwide. Netelsat’s customers also benefit from the web-based Partner Exchange Center that provides easy access to daily traffic performance statistics and dynamic reporting tools.

Netelsat Advantages

  • Simplify international operations
  • Improve quality of service
  • Accelerate deployment without capital expense
  • Increase efficiency of international business
  • Increase revenue